mba application essay

One of the most crucial components of a business administration masters’ application is the MBA application essay. It is where to prove your worth and show your confidence for applying to the program. Basically, the admissions committee wants to learn about your personality and how it fits the culture and requirements of the school. It is also what they use to determine if your goals fit the picture of their ideal students. Without even saying, the application essay is one of the most essential aspects of your application to look into if you would like to increase your chances to becoming accepted in the program. Today, we’re highlighting a couple of tips on how to write and improve your MBA essay.

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Best MBA Application Essay Tips

  • Demonstrate that you’re proactive, someone who can sort things out. They look for a leader, not a follower.
  • Guard your ego. Remember, it can be stress that makes you different, but it’s not what makes you the best.
  • Demonstrate reasons you’re an ideal candidate for the school you’re applying to, but it is not enough to tell it simply. Saying you’re ideal isn’t enough; it won’t convince the admissions committee.
  • Show your passion and reflect that with your writing. Infuse it with an enthusiastic voice from the start to the end.
  • Get the negative thoughts out your mind. Perhaps, there can be more to you than you think. You have to challenge the perception.
  • Put in mind that the admissions committee also appreciates risk-takers into their programs. If you’ve taken an unorthodox path in your career, feel free! Play it up. Don’t be afraid revealing what you are and what made you to this point B from point A.
  • Avoid talking about your foreign background, minority status, ethnicity or gender, if none of them actually talks about or has something to do about this application. Also, you don’t have to mention any if none actually has affected your outlook experiences.
  • Show, don’t tell. This is as cliché as it sounds, but it proves true for an MBA application. You may be great, but don’t just say this and that. Instead, support your claims with examples or illustrations. In short, quantify your experiences and accomplishments. These are what you have to write about.
  • It is okay to include humor or show vulnerability in your MBA essay, but don’t overdo. After all, some humor may not be misinterpreted and unappreciated.
  • Don’t write about your glory days in high school. They don’t need any of those accomplishments, like you being the editor of your school paper or cheerleading captain of the pep squad.
  • Do not submit essays that do not answer the essay questions, meaning don’t stay away but stick to the topic. What to do is to read and understand the questions and then conceptualize your answers. Do an outline of what you are going to write, look into the outline and see if it has a good flow to answer the essay question and then start writing on the topic.
  • Do not fill the essay with technical words or jargon just to impress the committee and let them feel that you’re someone with a wide knowledge of the industry’s vocabularies. Your main goal is to ensure that they understand what you wrote and not to confuse them.
  • Don’t state half-baked reasons for applying, based on the top MBA application essay examples. Let the committee know that you’re someone with a concrete plan to accomplish when you have completed the program.

There you have the top tips from great MBA application essay examples to find from expert sources. Think ahead and plan for your MBA essay earlier than later to increase your chances of coming up with the perfect one that best highlights about you and talk about you well in your application. Also, you can read more about MBA application tips.

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