Making a First Impression with Your MBA Professional Resume

Your MBA marketing fresher resume is your true first impression. A prospective company sees this before they see your suit and tie, your warm smile, and your strong handshake. Before you walk through the door, they already have an image of you in their mind. For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure that your resume is a perfect reflection of who you are and what you have to offer them. Too often, candidates make rookie mistakes that keep them from a job they are perfect for.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes on an MBA Professional Resume

To avoid being that person, make sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes when crafting your MBA resume:

  1. Listing generic skills. Everyone says they have great communication skills, work well in a team, and are eager and driven. If that is all you list, they won’t be able to tell you apart from the rest of their pile. Focus on the skills you have that make you stand out.
  2. Not personalizing your resume for a specific job. When you’re applying for a specific job, make sure you incorporate aspects of the job description into your resume. If the position is asking for someone with strong analytical skills, make sure you clearly communicate your experience with analytics.
  3. Not showcasing your MBA. An MBA professional resume format should include your education at the very top.  Your prospective employer needs to know about your MBA in the first few seconds they view your resume. Otherwise, they may keep looking for someone they think is better qualified.
  4. Providing a broad objective. MBA graduates are great at a lot of things, but most companies want to hire for a specific position or skill.  You may be great at everything, but your resume objective should be focused and specific. It should clearly state what you are looking for and why you are perfect for the job you are applying for.
  5. Grammar and punctuation mistakes. This is basic and fundamental, but often forgotten.  There should not be a single grammatical error in your entire resume. When employers see these mistakes, they assume you are sloppy and will make similar mistakes on the job. Double check and triple check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending your resume in.

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Creating Your Professional MBA Resume

Your MBA professional resume can make or break you, so you should make it perfect. If you aren’t sure of yourself, then consider a service that can learn you how to list MBA on resume.  Getting this help could be the best investment you make for your career.