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Why You Need the Very Best MBA Marketing Resume

Every year many applicants to MBA courses are disappointed as they have failed to gain a place. Places are limited and competition is huge with many highly qualified and very experienced applicants all trying to find a place. The benefits of gaining an MBA for your career are highly significant and can multiply your potential earnings many times over. So you have to ensure that your MBA marketing resume is written perfectly if you want to maximize your chances of success.

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5 Tips for Writing Your MBA Marketing Resume

The best MBA marketing fresher resume does not just happen by accident. If you want to apply to the very best marketing MBA then you need to ensure that your resume is the best. The following tips will help you to achieve this:

  1. Use an uncluttered and very clear format for your resume MBA: Your format should have a minimum of 1” margins, use a clear 12pt font and should not be decorated or over formatted. The aim is to have a single page that is easy to read and that draws the eye to the most important information.
  2. Do not include information that is not required: you do not need an objectives section nor do you need to include personal information or data such as your GMAT score or GPA which are available through other parts of your application. Stay completely relevant and focused at all times.
  3. Do not list your responsibilities for your employment. Your responsibilities are in most case obvious from your job title and you will just be wasting your time listing them. Instead show your actual accomplishments using clear and concise examples, these should be quantified fully where possible so that it is clear what impact you have made. List your greatest accomplishments first.
  4. Show career progression and leadership: The MBA program will be looking for those applicants that can show clear leadership skills and the drive to get themselves promoted. After all they want to accept students that will not only pass but also employ what they learn to effect.
  5. Edit what you have written fully: Simple spelling mistakes and other errors that are completely avoidable can easily sink your application without trace. Check and check again to ensure that there are no errors. Also ensure that your actual writing is clear and concise and that you don’t keep repeating the same phrase or use clichés.

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We Can Write Your MBA Marketing Resume

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