career goals essay mbaSuccessful people have career goals and it is your basis to show to the readers what you want to achieve or what you are expecting. Career goals represent benchmarks, objectives as well as milestone in your career. Here is a guide in writing career goals MBA essay.

Career Goals Essay MBA: Samples

  • Growth is one of the essential career goals that employees should look into. There is no limit to it and if every person becomes CEO, they need to grow. On the other hand, it does not happen overnight because it needs seriousness as well as dedication.
  • Ultimately, I want to use my experience as engineer in renewable energy building consultancy that helps mid-large corporations in developing sustainability plants.
  • I want to make sure that my experience will grow in the field of management consulting with focus on healthcare sector as well as to make a good transition that is focused in the development of affordable care options.

Writing Career Goals MBA essay

  • Define long-term career objective: The career objective should focus on how you can make a big impact on readers. It should have a high-level impact and make sure that it is ambitious, credible and believable that is based on skill set.
  • Identify the needed skills: In your motivation essay for MBA you need to explain how your skill set will help you in the field you choose. You need to summarize your plan to enhance or acquire the skills you need in achieving the career objective. Make sure also that you state your main skills and how it will help you in acquiring through the MBA program. Be sure that you will be specific in telling your skills as well as goals.
  • Pinpoint short 2 goals: Like the career objective, the short term goals must be rigorous and achievable. If you switch your career to another, you need to provide your transferable skills in helping you to do the needed task and to meet their needs.
  • Building bridge between short-term goals and long -term goals: You need to give explanation how your short-term goals build your skills that will lead to long term goals. If you are self-aware with your career planning, writing this will not be hard on your part.

Importance of Proper Goal

Proper goal in your MBA optional essay is your first step in achieving your goals. Without it, you can never make another step. The goals are important because it provides clarity on your end vision. It also represents your inner desires that will motivate you in your life. Another thing is that it gives you focus whereas the focus gives you directional and broad focus in moving your life in as well as goals in life.

There are numerous MBA programs that are being offered and it is a good idea to apply on one of those programs, but before you will do that; you should already have career goals because it is needed in applying to MBA program. Start to apply and write the best career goals to the committee.

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