A credible and valuable MBA application resume sample will help you come up with your very own resume to use in your MBA application. As you may know, a resume is the first step to introducing yourself to the admissions committee who will decide if you deserve an interview invitation from the school of your choosing.

Sample MBA Application Resume

A resume is your first document to show to the admissions committee, as this is the main tool to help them know more about you, your background and your personality. It is also a key for them to identify who among the candidates can display excellent leadership skills as well as who can make great contributions and honors for their school.

For help, you may want to check out a sample MBA application resume that will highlight what to include and what not to include in your resume. Here are some tips to make a standout resume based on a sample resume for MBA application.

  1. Do not exceed one page. Avoid wasting space by including unnecessary listings and enumerations in your resume. They will not only make your application weak, but they decrease one’s chances to get an interview invitation.

  2. Although you may have at least three years of working experience in the business industry, make sure to summarize all of them into one page. Do not annoy the screening committee by writing a novel.

  3. Edit out all irrelevant application details, based from a credible sample resume for MBA application.

  4. Make an intelligent use of language by not trying to impress the admissions committee with technical terms and jargons only you can understand. Without even saying, write using Basic English to ensure clarity of your MBA resume.

  5. Do not lie about your achievements and awards because these lies may lead to the rejection of your application from the beginning. When you list down your achievements and honors, you should show specific proof.

  6. Follow instructions well.

  7. Edit before submitting.

To increase your chances to succeed, incorporate all these tips when coming up with your MBA resume. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional MBA essay review. If you need more help, do not think twice in checking out credible MBA resume writers for their sample MBA application resume today!