The Duke MBA application is one of the most awaited application events every year for many applicants looking to study in a great business school. A great statement of purpose for MBA study is a long-term investment to try to take advantage of in your future career as a top business leader in your country and in the world. Students from all over are looking to lead a global economy, and they can start with an impressive Duke MBA application.

How to Apply for Duke MBA Application

  • Apply online

  • Acquire a visa if you are a non-US applicant

  • Passport is needed for residencies

  • Tuition deposit to be paid upon the admission

  • Credential verification

  • Orientation attendance


  • Two recommendation letters

  • Two mandatory, three short answers and one optional Duke MBA essays

  • Interview

  • Application fee of $225

Duke MBA Essay Questions

You should answer the three questions with about 250 characters only (50 words)

  1. What are your short-term goals, post-MBA?

  2. What are your long-term goals?

  3. Life is full of uncertainties, and plans and circumstances can change. As a result, navigating a career requires you to be adaptable. Should the short-term goals that you provided above not materialize what alternative directions have you considered?

Required Duke MBA Essays

  1. Be ready to reveal about the “25 Random Things” to show your background, skills, special talents and all about you.

  2. When asked by your family, friends, and colleagues why you want to go to Duke, what do you tell them? Share the reasons that are most meaningful to you.

  3. “Optional: If you feel there are extenuating circumstances of which the Admissions Committee should be aware, please explain them in an optional essay (e.g. unexplained gaps in work, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, or any significant weakness in your application).” Do not exceed two pages.

There you have the things you need to know when applying in the Duke Business School. Be ready with all of them and make yourself shine in your application. Submit your application on or before the deadline and settle all the documents for consideration. Finally, ask help from the pros in MBA essay questions if you need help.