everything you should know about writing mba application essays
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What Is the Purpose of the MBA Application Essay?

MBA application essays and MBA application resume are usually the main application requirements when applying to a business school. For the school, the application essay is a way to get some insight into applicants’ personal characteristics not reflected by resumes and transcripts. It may also be used as a means to select between two otherwise equally well-qualified applicants. For applicants, the application essay is a way to stand out from the crowd of other candidates. Entry into MBA programs is competitive, with many well-qualified applicants. The MBA application essay or MBA application letter provides an opportunity for you to directly address selection committees and state your case for being admitted to the program in a way that will be both memorable and compelling.

What to Include in Your MBA Application Essay

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The topic of the MBA application essay may vary between programs. In most cases the school provides a prompt in the form of a question that your essay will respond to.

The essay you write in response to the question should include the following:

• Your reason for wanting to obtain an MBA
• Why you chose the particular MBA program to apply to. What specific aspect of this program attracted you to apply?
• Specific short and long-term goals
• Show a connection between your specific goals and how being accepted into the MBA program will affect those goals
• Direct answer to the essay question. Some applicants forget to actually address the question asked while writing about their goals and qualifications.

Regardless of the question being asked, the admissions committee wants to know why you are applying to their MBA program and what qualities you have that will make you an asset to their program. Looking at an MBA application essay sample from past years, can provide some idea as to what admissions officials are looking for. If you are unsure how to write your MBA application essay consider addressing an online writing service.

MBA Essay Writing Service for Essay Help

If you are a really busy person and a good manager, but not a good writer, consider taking advantage of the professional writing services available online. They usually pick up a team of certified writers who have some significant experience behind their back. Or you can consult them, submit your MBA application essay, MBA application letter or a SOP MBA for proofreading and editing. Anyway getting the opinion of the third party will never hurt your essay.