What Can the Best Executive MBA Programs Do for You?

best executive mba programs you can apply to
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An EMBA or executive MBA is a highly sought after qualification that can have a huge impact on your future success and earning potential. A survey by the Executive MBA Council found that salaries increased by almost 17% from around $156 thousand to $182 thousand from entering the program to the program end. They also reported that 41% of those involved received a promotion while they were studying for their MBA. So as you can see you can reap a significant benefit from your investment in gaining an EMBA.

An executive MBA is very similar to a standard MBA as a graduate level business degree. However it is very much aimed at executives, managers and business owners who want to improve their skills. Most of these courses are taught while the participant continues their work allowing them to actually use what they learn immediately and gain benefit. Also you can check out info about the best distance learning MBA programs, and here is top executive MBA programs.

The Top Executive MBA Programs

The following are some of the best executive MBA programs that you can apply for along with some facts and figures about the programs:

  • The Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania; This program lasts 24 months and will cost you a little over $180 thousand. But on average the graduates see an increase of 60% on their wages after they have gained their EMBA.
  • The Kellogg school of management, Northwestern University; This is another 2 year course with students meeting 2 days per week. The cost of this program is around $94 thousand. Students that have gained their degree have seen an average of 53% increase in their earnings following graduation.
  • Chicago Booth School of Business; This is a 21 month course with 16 weeks of classroom teaching spread throughout the duration. Costs is around $174 thousand dollars. This includes weeks in Hong Kong and London for all students as part of your studies.
  • The London Business School; This is a 20 month course that is offered either within London itself or in Dubai. The cost is around $110 thousand and provides you with classroom teaching on Fridays and Saturdays in London or 4 – 5 day modules each month in Dubai. Graduates see an average increase in salary of around 47%
  • MIT Sloan School of Management; Costing $153 thousand for a 20 month course this course meets for Fridays and Saturdays every third week and also provides a week long module each six months. 51% of the students on this program are international and around 57% get some form of promotion during the duration of the program.
  • Yale School of Management; They offer a 22 month program that will cost you around $159 thousand. The program meets bi-weekly on Fridays and Saturdays but also has optional week long modules that are offered around the globe.
  • Columbia Business School; Their EMBA program is earned over some 20 months and will cost you around $164 thousand. Graduates from this program have seen an average increase in their salary of around 58%.

As Delece Smith-Barrow writing for the US News says:

“While an MBA often appeals to people wanting to switch industries, an executive MBA can attract those who simply want to switch offices. Graduating from middle manager to a C-suite position – such as CEO or COO – within their current company is a common goal among EMBA students, experts say.”

Do Your Best to Get the Best Executive MBA Courses

Most EMBA programs are very heavily oversubscribed and being selected is going to take a lot of hard work. Even if you have all of the experience and qualifications that they are looking for if you fail to get that across effectively within your application you will not win a place. Your application really does need to make you stand out if you are going to be selected.

Also check out Harvard MBA curriculum, if you want to be aware about its features!

But writing an effective application is not going to be easy; especially if you are working and have limited time available. This is why many applicants will turn to professional services so that they can get an edge over their competition.

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