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The Importance of a Great MBA Application Resume

MBA places are highly oversubscribed and many applicants are disappointed each and every year when they apply. To avoid disappointment you need to ensure that you take great care over every part of your application to ensure that you get the attention of the committee that is deciding who to admit. One of the most important parts of your application is your MBA application resume, this needs to be written in a way that is going to make you stand out. Many applicants use a very generic resume for MBA application that fails to impress for a variety of different reasons. The following MBA resume tips will help you to ensure that your resume will get read and get you noticed.

The Most Important 4 MBA Resume Tips That You Must Follow

Many applicants fail to make an impression with their resume as they just do not provide the reader with the sort of information that they want or they swamp them with irrelevant info that hides what they really want to see. The following are 4 very simple tips that you should take note of if you want to ensure that your resume will get you noticed:

  1. Keep your resume to a single page – Even if you have many years of experience you will want to keep your resume brief and concise. The committee will be reviewing many resumes and they will not want to read through several pages of information that would be better discussed at an interview. Excessive amounts of information also often serve to actually obscure the information that they really want to find. So unless you really have good reason to exceed a single page you should always seek to that single page of highly relevant and concise information.
  2. Don’t state the obvious about your responsibilities – If you are a quality manager then they will already know what your responsibilities are as their title clearly communicates them. Listing your responsibilities will just send the reader to sleep as they already know and you are just wasting their time.
  3. Communicate your achievements, not your responsibilities – Just as you should not state the obvious they will want to know what you have actually achieved within your job. Anyone can have responsibilities but how did you handle them? As quality manager you may be responsible for reducing customer complaints but how did you actually perform? If you have reduced complaints then say so, that is what the committee wants to know.
  4. Provide real figures as to what you have achieved – If you have reduced complaints was it by 5% or by 50%. If you run a project to reduce setup time how much did you reduce it by? If you led a team to make a process more efficient how much money did you save? Speak with real figures that the committee will understand and be impressed by.

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