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How Important Is Your Harvard MBA Resume

Many applicants fail to create a Harvard MBA resume that is actually going to sell them to those making the decisions as to who will be admitted on to their program. Having already worked most applicants will already have a resume and they will assume very wrongly that all they have to do is update it a little with their latest position. Your Harvard MBA resume needs to be written very much with an eye to your application and this will often mean writing it from scratch.

How to Write Your Harvard MBA Resume

If you look at the Harvard MBA resume book to view other resumes to get ideas as to how to write your own you will see that there is a lot of variation as to how they are formatted and the content that is included.

In general, you should follow the following tips for writing your Harvard MBA resume:

  • Use the correct MBA resume template Harvard, there is no defined resume format for MBA or template that you should use, however, the following guidelines should be followed:
    • Use an easy to read 12pt font – never use flowery or hard to read scripts
    • Have a minimum of 1” margins
    • Ensure that you use white space to draw the eye to your main points, your resume should look clean and uncluttered
    • Do not use formatting excessively – restrain yourself to just bolding section headings
  • Do not just reuse your professional resume, rewrite to focus on your application
  • You do not have to repeat information that is elsewhere in your application such as GMAT scores and GPA
  • Try to keep your resume to 1 page, you are allowed to use 2 but if you do ensure that the information is balanced between the two rather than just a few lines on the second page. 1 page, however, is best as review time is limited
  • Do not include any information that is not 100% relevant to your application
  • Show clear career progression, they will want to select ambitious people capable of making advancement
  • Clearly show your achievements within your resume using examples. Do not list responsibilities as these are obvious from your position and tell the reader nothing about how you have actually performed
  • Clearly show that you have leadership experience
  • Quantify your achievements: How many people were in the team you led and what did you actually achieve in $ or percentage improvement
  • For companies that are not “names” give number of employees and turnover as an indication of the strength and size of the company

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