how to apply for mba

Do You Want to Learn How to Apply for MBA?

Applying for an MBA is a lengthy and time-consuming process; therefore, you may want a guide that will help in streamlining the process so that you will be able to save time and maximize your results. What are the do’s and don’ts to remember? Check out the MBA application tips from experts!

MBA Admission Process

  • Apply to your dream school, even if it is hard. Remember, it is better to have higher aspirations than not to have it at all. Your attitude counts. Possess the winning attitude to avoid regrets.
  • Apply to at least four schools. Choose those with varying competitiveness level so that you can maximize your application and success.
  • Don’t think of applying to over six schools, as this is time-consuming and intense. You don’t need to apply to many schools because it will just lessen your chances and it will lead to burn-out.
  • Avoid listening to rumor or anyone’s opinion about applying. Do not just rely on what they say, or listen to whatever they say. What you can do is to do a research with a few alumni and with current students. Only in this way that you will get firsthand research on the goals of the school and find out if your personality fits their culture.

MBA Application Tips for GMAT

  • Take this exam seriously and treat it like your last shot at success. It simply means that you should give your best. Bear in mind that the GMAT is one of the screening tools that you need to be best at so that you will have an increased chances, especially when applying at a top school that has high expectations on their candidates.
  • Prepare with important classes. You can enroll and attend to established classes and take some practice exams in realistic environment. As you may already know, these practice exams will get you familiar with what to expect when you take the real exams in a given school.
  • Prepare yourself to take the exams more than once, but don’t cancel a score even if it is very low. Anyway, you will be given the option to submit it or not. On top of that remember that the school will evaluate your highest score; thus, don’t worry that a low score will drag you down.
  • Don’t postpone the test for the last minute. It is better to take it a year before. In the process, you will avoid juggling between other aspects of your application with the GMAT.

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Letters of Recommendation (LOR, Reference Letters)

  • Seek professional references. Do not just rely on academic recommendations. Most of the admitting schools are looking for applicants with enough professional experience for the MBA.
  • Reference from recent and significant jobs to create a picture of what you can do and who you really are.
  • Do not get a reference from someone who hardly knows you; find one that can comment or feedback on you in the best way possible.
  • Your references tell something about your management skills. Manage them well and ensure they submit on time.

MBA Application Tips for Essays

Prepare these early on and be prepared to do a couple of revisions when needed. See to it that it answers the questions or discusses the prompts well. See to it that you follow word count and instructions, too. Finally, proofread and edit it before submission.


Practice answering interview questions, not mentally but aloud. Do mock interviews with friends, too. Be prepared to interviews off campus if you perform better there than on campus. Follow up with a thank you note after.

For reapplication, make sure to highlight how you have improved since the last time you applied and show your personal and professional advancements.

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