Preparing Your MBA Application CV

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When applying to an MBA program, you will be asked to submit either a resume or a CV (Curriculum Vitae) along with the rest of your requirements. Essentially the resume and the CV are the same thing. Normally a CV will be a little longer and more detailed. The CV MBA applicants will submit is generally the first document that will be read by any admissions personnel. This is because the CV contains all the relevant information about you in one place, and so it is the ideal place to begin. As the first document to be read, the MBA application CV is also the first impression people will have of you. Make that impression a good one by putting some time and effort into creating a good CV or MBA application personal statement.

Guidelines for Your MBA Application CV

mba application cv sampleThere is no hard and fast rule on how a CV should be written. In many cases, the school will have a specific format they want you to use.

A fully fleshed CV may contain the following information:

  • Heading;
  • Profile;
  • Objective;
  • Key skills;
  • Key achievements;
  • Work history;
  • Academic history;
  • Professional memberships;
  • Interests.

However, your CV for MBA application will likely not include all of the above. Every institution has their preferences with regards to what should be included on the CV. Profile and objectives are often left off. Work history and academic record will always be included.

Some common mistakes that are often made on a CV include the following:

  • Too lengthy – Keep everything brief.
  • Including information that is too personal – Details such as age and sex shouldn’t be included, nor should pictures.
  • Including references – They will be requested if necessary.
  • Failing to quantify achievements – Admissions likes to see data that will support your achievements.
  • Failure to proofread – Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are unacceptable at this level.

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Getting Help with Your MBA Application CV

There are a lot of online MBA application CV writing services that can come up with a CV for your purposes. Their professional writers have extensive CV writing experience and know what gets the best results. When choosing your service make sure to look at the discounts and guarantees that a particular service is offering. You may check testimonials, as the feedback from the customers will tell you more about them, than any description.

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