mba admission in dhaka university
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Dhaka University is one of the prestigious schools in the world. They have strict admission when it comes to MBA program that is why you should check their website to know more details and to avoid committing mistakes

MBA Admission in Dhaka University

Each candidate should fulfill the admission requirements required by the program. There is also an admission test being held annually that students should take. Applicants must need to submit their application online together with other requirements.

To be considered for the admission, students must need to ensure that they meet all the requirements on time.

Dhaka University MBA Admission Guide Applicant Eligibility

  1. Bachelors degree or its equivalent in any field which includes engineering, agriculture, medicine or business

  2. Not more than 1/3 division in any public examination

  3. At least 7 points, calculated as follows:

  4. Candidates who have taken O level examination must pass at least 5 subjects which include mathematics with minimum grade of D in every subject

  5. Candidates who have to take A-level examination must pass at least 2 subjects with minimum grade of D in both the subjects

  6. Letter grades of Level A and Level O subjects are converted to grade points

MBA Admission to Dhaka Final Selection

The final selection for admission is based on scores being obtained by the candidates in communication test and the written test. Selected students should need to obtain the prescribed university admission form from the office of the MBA program. They should submit completed form together with 4 passport size as well as 1 stamp size photograph. They should also submit other materials as outlined in their form. After completion of the formalities, applicants need to pay the required fees as determined by the program.

To sum it up, you should meet the eligibility criteria to be considered and when you are selected, you need to obtain a form from the MBA program office. Whenever you are having a hard time in applying, do not be frustrated instead believe and think that you can do it because it is also for your own good. You can also check DU MBA admission or Stanford MBA admission if you need.

Begin to apply and convince the university that you are one of a kind!