The MBA Experience Resume

You’ve just spent a ton of time and money completing your MBA and now is finally the time to showcase it. You want to make sure prospective employers know you have an MBA experience resume, so it is important to display it properly. It should be the first thing they see and within the first few seconds of reading your resume, they should understand all the details surrounding it – what your focus was, what university or college you attended, and any important projects or classes that were completed.

Tips on How to List MBA on a Resume

It is important to know how to formulate an MBA resume objective, so when writing yours, keep the following tips in mind:

Your MBA should be listed first. This is one of the most important elements on your resume, so you want prospective employers to see it right after they read your name. Make sure it is clear and straightforward so that there is no question that you have completed your MBA degree. It should also be in bold or italicized so that it can stand out.

List specific details of the MBA. Right underneath your MBA, you should list specific details related to when and where you completed your degree – the university or college you attended, the city of the school, and the months or years you spent working on your degree.

Describe all awards and achievements. If you received any awards while in school for your MBA, make sure you list them. These awards are a great way to show your specific strengths and skills.

Provide a description of relevant school projects or classes. A lot of the projects and work you completed for your MBA will be directly relevant to the position you are applying for, so make sure you make it clear to your prospective employer that you know how to do the work they are looking for. This is even more important on fresher resumes when there isn’t any prior work experience to list.

Here is a great example of how an MBA can be showcased on a resume:


John Smith



Master of Business Administration – University of Chicago                                           2004-2007

Marketing and finance concentration

  • Recipient of Candon Award for highest academic achievement in finance
  • Team leader of finance project evaluating success of derivatives in emerging markets

The Next Step for Listing MBA on Your Resume

Knowing how to list MBA on a resume is extremely important if you want your resume to carry you to the next step in the interview process. Hiring a professional service can ensure that your resume for MBA finance fresher is prominently displayed on your resume so that your prospective employer has no questions about your qualifications.

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