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You Might Be Asking, “What Can Be My MBA Career?”

There is no definite answer to this question, but there sure are some ideas to make use of when doing a research and weighing your options. Where are the biggest markets for an MBA today? Check out this summary from the S Top MBA Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2015/16.

Where Can an MBA Certificate Take You?

The findings of the report were based on the responses of an estimated 4000 employers who are actively seeking MBA graduates. They offered valuable insight on the matter. They have helped in the manner that they offered long-term and short-term regional job trends for MBA graduates.

Country-by-Country Prospects for Graduates: MBA Job Opportunities

What is an MBA demand globally? With this question, you may want to consider the biggest markets in the world in terms of MBA jobs growth, as well as each of their opportunities that have been reported to the study.

  • USA: This is the home for MBA degrees, and no doubt about it. It is the biggest provider of job opportunities for MBA holders. To date, the reported growth in terms of the increase in job opportunities in the US reach up to 29%, a rate more than double than the average of 14% of global average rate.
  • India: It is the second when it comes to MBA job opportunities, following the US. It has been highly considered by employers seeking to hire MBA holders for their companies. Right now, the country’s growth rate is 33%, which is way above the growth rate all over the Asia-Pacific region. For some insights, some sectors where MBA holders are gaining opportunities include the financial services, 46%; HR recruitment, 33%; and education, 47%.
  • Brazil: This is currently the largest market when it comes to MBA job opportunities. However, the country’s fall of 21 percent has impacted the underwhelming growth rate of one percent (1%). The employers are expecting a 45% increase in opportunities in the future.
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE): In the African and Middle Eastern regions, this is the largest of all the job markets for MBA holders. The growth rate in the country has been unsustainable in the long-term, using the numbers coming from respondents, revealing a 16% drop in the total number of jobs in the financial services can be a reflection of the drop.

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  • Canada: It cannot quite match the growth rate of 26% across the North American region, but it reached an increase of 18% in the total job opportunities for qualification’s holders, which is still a positive return for a country that’s been experiencing an economic difficulty. High points include the IT or computer services as well as telecommunications industries; however, there is a mere increase of 1% in the financial sector, even if it is expected to rise at 2% soon.
  • Singapore: It is known as the second largest market for MBA holders in Asia, where employers have reported a slight growth rate of 3%.
  • South Korea: It is the 7th overall when it comes to market demand for MBA graduates, with the respondent employers reporting a growth of 7% over the past year, and an anticipation of a slight growth rate of 2% soon. It is reported that there is a 15% rise in the opportunities, being the country is one of the world’s leader in technology, with Samsung and LG both leading the way. Plus, there is a growth of 5% in the engineering or manufacturing sector, but the demand for those in the healthcare or pharmaceuticals industries have remained flat.

There you have the world’s biggest MBA markets that you may want to consider working when you completed your business administration study in one of the top B-schools or your dream MBA School. Also, read more about a proper MBA essay format. It can be helpfully to you, when you need to check your own essay.

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