Creating a Standout Executive MBA Resume

If you have an executive MBA under your belt then you have a double advantage over your counterparts – an MBA degree and a successful work history.  To make sure your future employers understand your unique achievements and strengths, you need to craft the perfect MBA internship resume.

An Executive MBA resume needs to consist of all the essential elements of a resume  (the MBA, objective, course highlights, and work history) as well as some special elements to showcase your executive talents (leadership experience, board membership, and personal achievements).

The Elements of a Perfect Executive MBA Resume

By incorporating the following elements, you will be able to craft the perfect Executive MBA resume:

Education – Your MBA needs to be prominently displayed on your resume.  Within the first few seconds of reading it, your prospective employers should know that you have an MBA.

Objective – Your Executive MBA objective will tell your employer what you plan to contribute to the company.  As an executive, you should include actionable items that you achieved in previous positions so that they know what you are capable of.

Course Highlights – If there were any courses or projects that you felt showed exceptional talent, then you should include them in your resume.  If you received any awards while at school, you could also list them here.

Work History – For an Executive MBA resume, the work history is very important.  Make sure to clearly state how you contributed to each company and omit any broad statements that do not make you stand out.

Leadership Experience – Leadership experience can come from past work experience or from extracurricular or personal events.  If you are a member of any Boards, you should list that here.

Personal Achievements – There is a wide range of personal achievements to list depending on your experience. This could include published works, startup businesses, or special awards. If you are putting together an MBA lecturer resume, this is where you will list your specialization and any significant lectures that you have under your belt.  With these lectures, you should include the subject matter, the audience, and where you held the lecture.

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The Next Step for Your Executive MBA Resume

An Executive MBA resume is extremely important because it pulls together 2 amazing achievements – your MBA and your executive work experience.  If you do not know how to create an amazing entry level MBA resume, then consider turning to a professional service that can help you with the process. They will be able to craft your resume in a way that will make you shine.