why mba essayWhat is the significance of the why MBA essay in your application? In case, you don’t know yet, the why question in the application essay means so much in the decision of the admissions committee. It is their way of penetrating into your mind—what is in it and what can it do for the community, for the organization and for the world in general. It looks into what makes you a good candidate for this application. They want to know the person behind the success that you are already now. Check out this post and follow our MBA application essay tips.

Why MBA Essay: Reasons It Is a Big Factor

The “why MBA programs essay” gives the committee the idea of your highest aspirations and your topmost interest in life. These types of MBA essay questions let the committee into your head, learning of the person behind what he is or what he becomes now. They discover what is it in you that makes you unique as a candidate and they are able to see the potential in you.

By answering the question correctly, you will be able to illustrate the reasons you are choosing the university over others, you will be able to highlight you believe that MBA is right for you and you will be able to make yourself shine with your unique aspirations and goals.

Why an MBA Essay: How Does It Help?

The ‘why essay’ is an inevitable question for most aspirants. Of course, each and everyone has their purpose and goals in life, and the essay is your venue on how to describe yours.

By writing this type of essay, you will be able to demonstrate your reasons for taking up the MBA, and some of them include:

  • Change of industry or career
  • Progression in your career in the same organization or industry
  • Starting a business
  • Expanding vision and knowledge

The why study MBA essay also states the reasons you are applying to the school and not to others. Some reasons may include:

  • You believe that the school is the best venue for honing your knowledge and skills
  • You believe that the school’s culture and values are aligned with yours.
  • You believe that its missions and objectives are translatable to your own goals.

In short, the why essay can help the admissions committee in determining that you are a good fit for their institution. They can see that you are someone that has the potential to become the leader they envision their students to become. With your essay, they will be able to determine that you are a strong candidate that can best represent them in the world in the future.

Remember these things when writing the why study MBA essay so that you will have a better picture of its importance in the decision process of the admissions committee. Your essay is one of their ways to gauge if you are a good fit, so you have to do well on it and excel to prove that you are indeed a good applicant they have to select.

Write the why MBA essay today!