stanford mba essayDiscovering the most effective ways on how to write the Stanford MBA essay is one way to succeed in the battlefield. You probably know how hard that is to enter this B-school because of the strict rules and guidelines in applications as well as high standards in their MBA essays. See the following for an effective guide that will help you get started and finish with excellence.

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Stanford Essay MBA Requirements and Tips

  1. “What matters most to you, and why?”

For this question, you should focus on the reasons and not on the what. In this case, you may want to do a deep examination or reflection of yourself, especially highlighting or describing who you are—the person behind the success—and ways that this person came to be how he is now. You don’t need to pretend but be yourself. This is not the time to sound arrogant. The admission essay committee is more interested in the heart and soul of the person behind the achievements and accomplishments, and not interested in the number of awards you received through the years. It is more about an illustration of the hard work and effort you put in to become the person where you are now.

You should be able to share your experiences, lessons and insights that have motivated and shaped your perspectives and not focusing or illustrating only on the things you have accomplished.

Most importantly, write from your heart and illustrate the person or situation that has influenced your perspectives and interest.

  1. “Why Stanford?”

For this essay for MBA programs, you should tell the committee the importance of studying at Stanford and the reasons it is the right fit that will help in realizing your life’s ambitions and goals. You should also illustrate or describe your decision in taking up this graduate education at Stanford. Also, tell the committee about the opportunities you are planning to pursue in the school.

Tips for Success in Stanford MBA Essay

  1. Both Stanford essay MBA requires you to write not more than 1, 150 words for these essays combined. If you are applying for both the MSX and MBA programs, word count must be limited to 1,200 words combined.
  2. MBA admission essays each have their very own story requirement from you. be able to write based on the topic and do not confuse one from the other. To avoid rushing, be able to get started earlier so that you will have more time in adjusting or improving the content of your essays.
  3. An admission essay for Stanford also requires 750 words for essay A, 400 words for B and 450 words if applying for both the MSX and MBA programs.
  4. The formatting must be double-spaced.
  5. You should indicate the question you are answering at the start of each essay. The question isn’t included in the word count.
  6. Upload only one (1) document for both of the MBA admission essays. You should have a backup copy for the essays. Also, don’t forget previewing the uploaded document to ensure that it is with the right format.
  7. Edit your essays before submitting the final copies.

The Stanford MBA committee wants to get into the heart and soul of the person behind the application. They want to learn of the context behind your interest and motivation to applying in the university, so give them that.

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Start writing your Stanford MBA essay today!