mba admission criteria
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For MBA admission criteria, you need to know about what documents you need to submit. Not only what documents but also how to make them right. If you don’t won’t your GRE waiver letter, for example, to be poorly written – you can always rely on someone who can do it in effective and professional way. Applying is not easy and not everyone becomes successful. If you want to make sure that you get a slot in the MBA program, here are the requirements you should submit.

Requirements for MBA

Undergraduate and graduate transcript of record: Applicants must need to submit the equivalent United States bachelor’s degree from accredited university. Candidates can submit their unofficial copy transcripts but if they are accepted, they need to submit the official transcript of record.

GRE or GMAT scores: The MBA program is accepting GRE and GMAT scores. The test scores will be valid for 5 years. Students can self-report their test scores or to upload their unofficial scores. For applications that are accepted, official test scores are needed. Additionally, for applicants who take the GRE or GMAT more than once, highest score will be considered.

Current resume: Applicants must need to submit current resume with professional and education information. It is required that candidate should include all the dates. The program is also requiring applicants to include their community service, professional service, interests and hobbies. Make sure that the resume is not longer than 1 page.

Don’t forget to pass GMAT and GRE MBA tests before!

Essays: Applicants must need to complete the required essays. There will be two question essays that candidates should answer and each of the question should be answer in 400 words.

Recommendation: The program is requiring only 1 recommendation letter. The program requires that applicants should choose carefully the person that will write the letter. It is better to choose a recommender that can discuss the work and performance style of the applicant. It can be former supervisor or current supervisor. Other alternatives include project manager, professional mentor or a client. Applications will not be considered complete without the letter of recommendation. Applicants must need to register the recommender and him or she will receive instructions about the recommendation form and how to submit it:

  • Interview: All interviews will be conducted through invitation only. Applicants who are successful can choose whether they want an on campus interview.
  • Team exercise: Even though this is not being required, the program is highly recommending that applicants should become part of team exercise. Applicants who have been invited for interview must need to participate with the team exercise that will be held on the campus of Ann Arbor.
  • Application fee: Candidates must need to pay $200 nonrefundable fee. Application fee will be waived for applications who are former or current member of United States military or who have served in Peace Corps or in Teach for the America within 3 years of application deadline.

MBA Admission Criteria

MBA criteria must need to know and for additional criteria where the admission committee will base their decision, applicants will be assessed based on their intellectual ability, personal and professional achievements and interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills.

  • Intellectual ability: For the intellectual ability, applicants will be assessed based on their GRE or GMAT score, TOEFL score and undergraduate or graduate academic record.
  • Personal and professional achievements: Candidates will be assessed based on their interview, letter of recommendation and resume to know about their personal and professional achievements.
  • Interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills: Applicants will have one on one interview and they will also be assessed by participating on team exercise.

There you have the admission requirements and additional criteria information that applicants must need to know in applying. If you want to become part of the MBA program, do your best in applying and make sure that you have completed MBA entry requirements.

Start applying and completing MBA admission criteria today!