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Each MBA school has their set of rules, policies, requirements and culture, among other differences that make one unique from another. In this case, not all applicants succeed when applying to specific schools in which their personality or experiences do not fit the picture of what the MBA program is searching when filtering applicants that they accept into their programs. Check out the following for some ideas on MBA admission process and discover the applicants that they are looking for.

MBA Application Advice

Wharton, Harvard and Stanford—what kind of people are they looking for to admit in their MBA courses? This is the most common question you will find online when searching for information on the type of applicants that the best MBA schools are looking for when filtering out candidates. To tell you, they are three of the hardest schools to get into for an MBA.

But just like other schools, these three business schools are looking for applicants that possess quality work experience, strong academic background and great interpersonal skills. They are also looking for depth in their applicants. However, these top MBA schools tend to be pickier than others because their applicant’s pool is also strong. Therefore, they really have to be selective in admitting the best of the best in the pool of applicants for their MBA programs.

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Who Are the People at HBS, Wharton and Stanford?

One source says that there are three kinds,

  • Blue Chips (People with pedigree): They are smart and accomplished kids, who are undergraduates Princeton or McKinsey…
  • Vagabonds: They are also smart and graduated from top colleges, but have taken another route in their careers (e.g. played on the PGA tour…). Or they might have worked at Morgan Stanley, but quitted and decided to become a personal aide to a congressman or senator.
  • Average Joes: They worked in decent jobs, or they went to top undergrads, but did not have remarkable jobs.

These are the three common groups you will find in these schools, but there are more Blue Chips and Vagabonds than there are Average Joes, especially on Harvard and Stanford because there are also a greater number of them that apply to the schools than the Average Joes. While there can be Average Joes to find in these schools, there are still more of them in other schools than in these three.

When it comes to “who they are looking for,” there is also the age factor. Those five years out of the undergrad may not be successful in applying in these schools. Many of the Blue Chips to find in these schools are between 24 and 27 years old, but experts say that you can get a little older than that when applying at Wharton. Nevertheless, age isn’t a big deal in other schools.

Even if most schools also love to talk about accepting all types of people from age ranges, the truth is that chances are a bit narrower in the top three MBA schools. If you want to improve your chances, you may really have to prove that you can bring something to the table. Not all people will fit into these three types of people, but it will be good to know how the admissions committee will see your profile.

Learning about what kind of applicants that the top MBA schools are looking for will help you have a clear picture of whether you fit the picture or not. Nevertheless, you can still apply to these schools or to your dream schools. But just as these schools are, you also have to be very selective and apply to at least three schools with varying levels of difficulty, but not apply to more than six, as an MBA recommendation.

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