mba goal essayThe MBA goal essay is one of the most challenging aspects of a business school application. It can also be one of the most important essays to submit. Before writing it, you have to define your goals and demonstrate the effort you are putting in to meet those goals. Now to get started in writing a clear and convincing goal essay, you can check out this guide that can help you.

Short-Term Goals in Admission Essay

These are said to be the cornerstone of your goals because they can guide in what you will include in your career review and they can also highlight things you still need in order to accomplish these goals. Learning how to explain how the school can prepare you meet these goals is crucial. The admissions committee will like to know if you are credible if you are competitive and if your goals match their MBA programs.

Samples of Short-Range Goals

To do something different from things you are already doing, a clear sense of ways to get to your goals will help:

  • It can be a vertical move or a career progression
  • It can be a career change like going into consulting, into financial services or into marketing or consumer goods
  • It can be you’re starting as a business owner or entrepreneur

Which among these are you looking to achieve? Are you realistic while being ambitious? What are the problems that you are trying to solve?

Long-Term MBA Goals Essay

Your long-range goals define your mission and what you are trying to become for the long run. You must be able to show confidence in achieving the goals with help from the business school. A good goal can be general yet it still has to express your insights and visions about the industry, where you like to belong, in the next decade or so, for instance. You can use MBA scholarship essay examples for your guidance an extra inspiration.

A long-term goal is a next step in achieving your short-range goals. For instance in the MBA goals essay,

“After expanding my operations in Alaska to 100 staff within 10 years, I will grow my operations in North America.”

Importance of MBA Goal Essay

MBA programs are looking for ambitious, competitive and driven students who can explain their short- and long-term goals, which define themselves and which illustrate how the person behind the application is aware of himself.

It may help that you have a clear understanding of these goals and perform a self-reflection that will help in determining what you have now and what else you need in order to reach those goals. Here are some benefits of having good goals in your admission essay.

  • A good goal essay tells the admissions committee the clear reasons behind the decision you made in life.
  • It lets them know where you are going after graduation.
  • It tells them how you have reached the point in your life where you are now.

Writing a good goals essay or MBA leadership essay for the application can make you a big difference because it lets the admissions committee into your mind, your ideas and your perspectives. It lets them learn about the person behind the achievements. In short, they get to know that driven and motivated person who wants to reach those goals.

Write the MBA goal essay today!