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Today’s MBA guide will help you in preparing for applying to top b-schools that you want to consider when looking to pursue a master’s degree in business administration. If you’ve always wanted to invest on your business education so that you will have a brighter future as a CEO, a business manager or as a banker, among others, then you may want to get help from the best MBA admission consultants who can help you with your MBA application process and check out the following tips prepared especially for you. Covering your bases will help you prepare towards that life aspirations and goals.

MBA Guide: What B-Schools Are Looking

There are many things that they would like their applicants to possess so that they can be considered. For many, they’re looking for applicants that have the drive, passion, curiosity and capacity to lead. They are also seeking for intellectual horsepower to join their community. Additionally, the ad com is looking for people with good interpersonal skills, maturity, self-awareness and track record. Finally, they are seeking for applicants that have a good orientation about learning from their life experiences.

So why not to read MBA application tips from an expert?

MBA Application Guide & Tips

  • Study courses that you enjoy, but make sure that you include math in the mix. While you can take up those subjects you enjoy the most, don’t forget to take some math courses. It will help if you have a background in statistics, basic calculus and so on. It will help you a lot when applying to business schools.
  • Maintain the grades to demonstrate that you have the intellectual capacity to handle the challenges and demands of an MBA. If you’re trying to attend one of the top 10 b-schools, remember that their average range for a GPA is within the 3.5 range or higher.
  • Know your professors. It will be wise to know at least one of them really well so that you can ask him or them to write a recommendation letter for you later on. Remember, you will need at least two recommenders when applying to a B-school.
  • Be involved in activities, another important MBA preparation guide. Important extra-curricular activities can give you plenty of opportunities in showing your leadership skills, along with your ability in mobilizing people as well as your management and planning skills, among others. With that in mind, you may want to explore some activities during your first or second year, and then on at least two organizations that you are very passionate about. In these organizations, you can demonstrate your leadership skills for new initiatives for the members.
  • Be involved in community service, such as volunteering. You can also find volunteering activities on websites and resources, which can help you in exploring how you can take a leadership role and looking into the tangible skills you have.
  • Manage your work-study life and optimize it for the application. If you happen to have a say about a job you have, you can take one that can afford you managerial duties and responsibilities.
  • Apply for a summer internship: Be involved in at least a career-related internship to help you develop valuable skills for future use.
  • If you could, go abroad. It has been becoming a must-have for applicants. It is one of the best ways to immense yourself in culture and language and be paid for your work experience. It is also advised that you start building your foreign language skills, including that of German, Spanish, Chinese and French. By being versed with some languages, you will be more marketable in the future.
  • Practice writing and be a good one. Many schools are looking for applicants with concrete and engaging writing skills. Take every opportunity in developing your writing skills, which you can use in applying for the MBA.

While the list isn’t exhaustive, it will help you get started in preparing yourself for the application. Start early, take your GMAT ahead of time, develop your leadership skills in the workplace and network with influencers. You can read about MBA questions, that can be asked at the interview.

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