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What Are MBA Questions?

Before you could enter a top MBA school, you’ll have to deal with the questions that you have to answer, like “How to apply for MBA“?. These are some of the metrics that the ad com is measuring when determining and filtering out their applicants. In this case, you may want to check out the tips prepared for you below about the essay questions and ways that you can tackle them.

MBA Essay Questions

While there are a handful of questions around, there are common ones, which are more often than not always part of the set of questions that they ask their applicants with. Some of the questions are those that capture the heart and imagination of the committee and make them feel that these questions are those to help them get into the minds of the applicants.

Tell Us About Your Career Aspirations and Reasons for Taking an MBA.

It is one of the most important questions to practice answering because you may be encountering it or another version when you applied for an MBA course. This question is best dealt by talking a bit of your background, career goals and skills, showing how the MBA is going to help bridge and make these aspirations come to life. Make sure that you show how taking the study will help in your professional life. You can also talk about a specific program that’s going to help in realizing your potential. You can also talk about current simple goals. Bear in mind that you have to be careful in detailing a sensible plan.

What Are Your Main Interests Outside of School or Work? What Are Those Leisure Activities You Find Enjoyable?

There is also life outside of work or school. You should be able to talk about some community activities that help you in getting to where you are now as well as how these things are improving your management and leadership skills. As you may already know, the ad com is also interested in learning of the person behind the success and accomplishments that you have. Additionally, talk about how you can become a good addition to the community of the MBA.

Who Is Your Inspiration?

The committee would also want to know about your attributes, qualities and strengths as well as values that other people have that you also want to have. Some examples could also be vision, discipline and drive. However, you may also want to look beyond these characteristics. You can consider a business associate, current boss or a friend. Remember, your choice is less important. What matters is what you say about this person.

Describe a Time When You Led a Team. What Were the Challenges You Have Faced and How Did You Deal or Overcome Them?

This is one of the most common MBA essay questions that you have to deal with, more often than not. To answer this question, remember that the ad com does not want to see how you became a hero in saving your team; rather, they want to see how you helped in fostering an environment, where everyone had the chance to contribute to the success of team. While B-schools like leaders, they also want leaders that know how to lead everyone to come up with a collaborative solution, a team effort. Focus on how you made the ‘we’ happen.

Describe How You Will Contribute to Our Diverse Environment. Talk About Your Experiences Will Contribute to the Community.

If this will be one of the essay writing topics for MBA, you should be able to discuss the ways on which you will help in enriching the study body in the b-school and talk about your attitude that will help others with diverse backgrounds. You can follow our MBA advice for more information, if it’s necessary.

These are the top five most common essay questions you have to answer when applying for business schools. Prepare for them and give yourself enough time in conceptualizing and answering them in the best manner as possible.

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