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Your Resume for MBA Applications Needs to Make an Impact

Getting accepted onto an MBA course is far from easy. An MBA can have a major impact on career progression and earning potential and as such many will seek to gain a place. But getting accepted means beating many other applicants to a place by having an application that shows that you are a better applicant. Your resume for MBA applications is one of the most important parts of that application and you will need to ensure that you work very hard on it if you are going to impress. Remember that your MBA admission resume is not for applying to a job, it is for a place on an MBA program. The following tips will help with your resume writing:

Top 4 Reminders for Your Resume for MBA

The following are some of the most important things that you must keep in mind if you want to write an MBA graduate resume that is going to be read and make an impact:

  1. Use a clean layout for your resume – Your aim is to communicate not make a piece of artwork. So always:
    1. Keep clear margins of at least 1”
    2. Use an easy to read 12pt font
    3. Avoid excessive amounts of formatting
    4. Use white space to draw attention
    5. Do not decorate with borders and the like – you are not applying to art school
  2. Keep to 1 page – The reader will want to quickly see information and that can be achieved on a single page. Remember that there is no need to include your educational history and grades as these are already included in other parts of your application. Be concise and totally relevant to this application.
  3. Demonstrate what you have achieved through your resume rather than just listing your responsibilities – The panel will know what the responsibilities of a project manager are, they want to know just how good a project manager you are and what you have managed to achieve during your career.
  4. Quantify what you have done – If you saved 10% of your budget during your last project say so. The panel will want to know that you save $250k and that it was 10% of the overall budget for your project. Un-quantified statements such as we improved performance mean nothing, what was improved precisely and by how much.

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