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Is Your Resume Format for MBA Applications Important?

The purpose of your MBA application resume is to persuade the panel that you are perfectly qualified to be selected onto their program. The purpose is not to tell them your entire life and working history, nor is it to make them think that you should be studying for an art degree. The best MBA resume format for MBA applications needs to be clean and very easy to read if you want the reader to quickly and easily find the information that they want to see. Therefore it is vital that you use an MBA professional resume format.

What Is the Best Resume Format for MBA?

There is no specific format that you need to follow; the important thing is that the format that you use for your MBA resume is capable of clearly communicating to the panel that is reviewing your application.

The following are some simple guidelines for formatting your MBA resume:

  • Use clear margins of at least 1” on all sides of the page
  • Use a font that is easy to read and of 12pt size
  • Avoid the use of flowery scripts
  • Do not decorate your resume in any way
  • Avoid excessive formatting – restrict to using bold for section headings only
  • Use clear space to draw the eye to your main points and sections

Avoid Common Mistakes with Your MBA Resume

Not only is your resume format for MBA applications important what you put on your resume is also vital.

The following are some fatal mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

  • Exceeding 2 pages with your resume – Most panel members would suggest that you never use more than a single page.
  • Never repeat information elsewhere in your application – Your educational history, GPA, grades etc are already listed in other parts of your application, do not waste limited resume space repeating it.
  • Do not fail to show progression – The panel will want to select applicants that can demonstrate leadership and ambition. So ensure that your resume shows that you have progressed within your employment.
  • Show your achievements and quantify them where possible. Don’t just list your responsibilities as these are often obvious from your job title.
  • Proofread your resume, nothing says rushed job or lack of interest in a handful of avoidable errors in your resume.

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