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How Vital Is Resume MBA Writing?

Gaining a place in an MBA program is very tough and one of the parts of your application that will have an important bearing on your success is your resume. Your resume MBA is vital to showing the panel that you have what it takes not only to pass your MBA but to also use it to your advantage when you have graduated. The panel are looking for ambitious leaders who can achieve and your resume has got to reflect this, and reflect it within just a few seconds of reading. Most of the time your resume will get only around 20 seconds of attention and that means that you have to communicate what they want to see in a very short span of time. The following section will give you some tips as to what to avoid within your resume as well as some MBA resume examples to help you understand how best to write your resume MBA.

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What Not to Do with Your Resume MBA

MBA resume writing needs to be done with great care and will need to clearly show your suitability for a place. To do this effectively you will need to avoid the following:

  1. Do not try to write your entire life story: Your resume for MBA should be 1 page long or at the most 2. It needs to be concisely written and should avoid any personal details such as height and weight as well as information such as your GMAT scores which are included elsewhere in your application. You should also ensure that you avoid any information or filler that is not 100% related to your application. This includes not using an “objective” section for your resume.
  2. Don’t use long paragraphs: Your resume needs to be quick and easy to read so use bullet points which in themselves should not be any more than 2 lines long. Provide a maximum of 5 bullets for any position.
  3. Never just list job responsibilities: Your responsibilities are generally obvious from your job title. The reader wants to know what you have actually achieved and this information should be quantified wherever possible. Consider the following examples:
    • “I led a team to increase sales of XYZ”
    • Yes, that says that you led a team but what did you actually achieve? You should write something like:
    • “I led a cross functional team of 6 and increased sales of XYZ by 35% against the last quarter of 2014 generating an additional $350k of revenue.”
    • Or
    • “I was responsible for the reduction in setup time within my department”
    • This should be rewritten as:
    • “I facilitated the reduction of setup time within my 12 people strong department resulting in an additional 12 hours of productive time each week generating an additional $40k of the finished product.”
  1. Poor writing should be avoided at all costs: It is surprising just how many applicants fail to edit their work and will leave in spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that should have been eliminated. They will also overuse certain words such as “led” when they should use alternatives such as “established” or “initiated” etc.

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