Are MBA Programs Rankings Important?

top best mba programs rankings for you
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As Fortune magazine says the average wage for MBA holders will be around $100,000. That’s a whopping $45,000 more than a holder of a bachelors degree would hope to earn. If that is not enough of an incentive to invest in getting onto an MBA program then what about all of the management and entrepreneurial skills that you will learn.

But getting into a program is not at all easy. With more than 50 thousand individuals applying to the top ten best executive MBA programs in the USA only around 5 and a half thousand were actually enrolled. So your chances of being accepted are not very high at all.

To get in your application must be able to make you really stand out from all of the other applicants so that the acceptance committee will notice you. This is not an easy task for anyone and you are really going to have your work cut out for you. The following sections will detail out who we believe offer the best ranked MBA programs:

Top Ranked MBA Programs

The following are our top 10 MBA programs that you could study with:

  • Stanford; Tuition at this business school will set you back about $127,000. However, graduates have seen their average salaries increase from $86k to $255k after graduation.
  • Harvard; Another course that offers a significant return on your investment. Costs are $139k but graduates have seen their salaries rise from an average of $85k to $239k.
  • Northwestern (Kellogg); This program will set you back $128k but could see your salary growing from an average of $72k to $188k so you will very quickly pay back what you have invested.
  • Columbia; This program will cost you $136k but has quickly raised their graduates salaries from an average of $77k to around $208k.
  • Dartmouth (Tuck); Costing $135k in tuition this program has demonstrated rises to around $190k from an average salary of $78k prior to the start of the MBA.
  • Chicago (Booth); This program will set you back around $128k but could see your wages increased from $75k to $200k, that’s a 267% increase.
  • Pennsylvania (Wharton); Average salaries after graduation have increased from $83k to a respectable $207k for an investment of $137k in your tuition.
  • UC Berkeley (Haas); This MBA program will cost you around $110k in tuition fees but could see your salary leaping from $72k to $180k.
  • MIT (Sloan); Graduate salaries have been shown to rise from around $77k through to $200k for an investment of around $130k.
  • Cornell (Johnson); Tuition is going to cost you in the region of $123k but could raise your salary from $63k to $150k on graduation.

Online MBA Programs Rankings

Of course not everyone is in a position to attend a school full time and with costs that tend to vary between $25k to $50k an online program there are some significant savings to be made.

The following are some of the online MBA programs that we would rank:

  • Kelly School of Business at Indiana University
  • Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina
  • W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State
  • Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida
  • Fox School of Business at Temple University
  • Naveeb Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas
  • The University of Nebraska College of Business Administration
  • Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University
  • The University of Nevada College of Business Administration

Let’s check Duke MBA deadline for application here!

Some Expert Advice for Searching out the Right MBA Program for You

Stacey Blackman writing in the US News offers some good advice to help you with the selection process:

“First, get in contact with current students and alumni in your MBA network and enlist their help in researching programs. Nothing compares with hearing firsthand accounts that offer a realistic view of the business school experience that go beyond the brand messages of school websites and admissions events. Have conversations about why they decided to go to business school, why they chose the program they did, what were the highlights or surprises of their experience, and what they wish they had known when starting this process.”

Whether you are looking to get into one of the top ranked MBA programs or you have other choices you are going to be competing against many others for a place.

So keep gathering more information MBA programs rankings!