Writing the MBA Application Personal Statement

secrets of personal statement for mba application writing
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Most business schools will require a personal statement as part of the application process. In your personal statement for MBA application you will discuss your goals and ambitions in relation to pursuing an MBA degree, and more specifically how your goals relate to the program you are applying for. Ultimately your personal statement is your argument to admissions officials that your career plans and your qualifications match well with their MBA program, and that you will be an asset if accepted.

Some things that admission board would like to see in a personal statement include the following:

• Your reasons for pursuing an MBA, and why at their institution. This should always be included.
• Short and long-term career goals. This is also generally accepted as information that must be included.
• Past work history. Not a reiteration of your resume. Rather, if you can, show how your past career moves were logical steps in your overall career plan
• Ideally, show a logical connection between your past career, future goals and obtaining an MBA at their institution.

MBA Application Personal Statement Writing Tips

mba application personal statement sampleHaving compelling reasons for getting an MBA and possessing qualities that make you an asset certainly help with getting accepted into an MBA program. However, your MBA application personal statement needs to display your information and make your points in a way that admissions will realize what an outstanding selection you would be. 

The following are some basic writing tips that may help:

• Avoid common phrases. Use your own words.
• Use a writing style that is clear and concise. Get directly to the points you want to make, and avoid long sentences and long words you wouldn’t normally use.
• Avoid generalizing. Be specific and use examples
• Don’t use unnecessary words to increase word count. If a word or sentence doesn’t serve a purpose eliminate it.
• Proofread and ensure there are no mistakes in spelling and grammar.

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Application Personal Statement Help

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