Steps in Writing the MBA Application Motivation Letter

mba application motivation letter sampleThe motivation letter for MBA application purposes or MBA application personal statement appears to be relatively easy and straightforward, but its importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Your MBA application motivation letter is an opportunity to directly address admissions, and show why you should be accepted into their program. While there are many factors involved in the MBA application process, it is quite possible that your application letter could influence the final decision.

The following are suggested steps to take in creating a good letter:

  • bulletsResearch the school you are applying to;
  • bulletsReview your career objectives;
  • bulletsHonestly, do a self-assessment and list those qualities you have that are strengths;
  • bulletsChoose 1 or 2 of your strengths to focus on, and outline what you intend to say;
  • bulletsWrite your first rough draft making all your points not worrying about word count;
  • bulletsRevise and clean up your original draft. This may take several rewrites;
  • bulletsFinal proofreading and editing.

Your MBA application motivation letter should address 1) Why are you pursuing an MBA? 2) Why this particular program? 3) Your career goals and 4) Qualifications.

MBA Motivation Letter Tips and Suggestions

The following are some tips and suggestions that will help to improve your motivation letter MBA:

checkMake sure you cover the points that admissions are interested in. Tie all your points together and show how being accepted to this program directly affects your career goals.
checkDon’t generalize. Be specific. Use examples to support your points.
checkWrite in a clear and concise manner. Eliminate all unnecessary words. You want to say as much as possible with as few words as possible.
checkAvoid using clichés and quotes. They don’t help and you don’t want to waste the few words you are allowed, on the words of another person.
checkProofread and eliminate all spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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Help with the MBA Application Motivation Letter

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