stanford mba admission
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Stanford University is one of the chosen schools for MBA but they are strict when it comes to an application which means you cannot just enter the school without completing all the required materials. You should convince that you are different from other applicants.

MBA Curriculum Stanford  Admission Criteria

  1. Intellectual vitality: In assessing your intellectual vitality, applicants should share about their dedication, passion as well as genuine interest. The school also considered students who are seeking out opportunities in enhancing their knowledge.

  2. Demonstrate leadership potential: You should demonstrate your leadership potential through professional competence and personal character. You need to present pieces of evidence that will prove you are one of the leaders.

  3. Personal qualities and contributions: The program wants to know you more and not only what you have done in the past. They want to know about your beliefs, experiences, dreams, ambitions and passion.

MBA at Stanford Application Materials

  1. GRE and GMAT scores

  2. PTE, IELTS and TOEFL scores

  3. Professional experience

  4. Essays

  5. Settle application fee

Note: For supplemental application materials, applicants should not mail, fax or email the application materials to the office of the program. The committee will not review any of the items such as CDs, video links, photos and others. If you need to correspond with the MBA admission office about your application, you should email your email address that’s associated with your application. Materials being submitted after the deadline will not have any guarantee.

MBA at Stanford: Do Your Best

When you do your best in completing all the materials, you are guaranteed to become part of the school. It is important that you submit your application on or before the deadline because late applications do not have any guarantees. You should check the homepage of the program to know the exact date of submitting your application.

At first, you will have a hard time in applying to the university because of lots of requirements but you will never go wrong when you know what you are doing. Check out tips and check out the instructions provided by the program on what steps you need to do in applying. You can also check DU MBA admission or IIT Delhi MBA admission if you need.

Lastly, believe in yourself and start applying today for higher opportunities!