usc mba essayAre you looking for information about the USC MBA essay? If so, then you have found the right guide that will help you in getting started as well as you will learn of the best tips that can help you in creating an effective admission essay. Read on.

USC MBA Essay Requirements

Required Essay

“What are your short-term and long term personal and/or professional goals following graduation from USC Marshall? How will USC Marshall enable you to develop or improve your skills in order to reach your goals?” (500-700 words)

Optional Essay

“Please provide any additional information that you believe is important and/or will address any areas of concern that will be beneficial to the Admissions Committee in considering your application.” (250 words)

Re-application Essay

“Please describe any significant professional, personal, or academic growth since your last application to the USC Marshall School of Business. Discuss your specific professional goals and how the USC Marshall Full-Time MBA Program will help you achieve these goals.” (500 – 700 words)

MBA Requirements Tips for Success

For the main essay, you will need a career goals essay, which you can use in commenting on both your long-term plans and post-graduation plans at the same time. However, you must be very specific about discussing your plans and how you think that the business school can help you in reaching those goals. In addition, you must be able to demonstrate how hard you have been working in reaching your longer range goals with the work you are putting in right now.

According to essay experts, the committee is looking for individuals with specific goals and aspirations in life, those who really know what they want in life as well as know about their short and long term positions. In the essay, you can also mention at least two firms that you may want to work at after your graduation.

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Applicants writing their MBA essay are also expected to explain specific reasons for applying and for choosing the school in pursuing their goals. They also want to see if you are a good fit in terms of the impact you can make as well as your interests.

For the optional essay, you should be able to talk about candidacy issues you might be having. What are those potential weak areas that might affect your application? You can use this response to explain about poor GMAT or academic performance as well as employment gaps.

For the re-application essay, you should be able to talk about the developments that you had since you last applied in the business school. You can talk about quantitative courses and new skills.

USC MBA Application

These are the main questions you have to answer when applying for this b-school. You may want to start early so you will have plenty of chances to make changes or adjustments in your piece. Follow instructions and make sure to visit the official site for the complete timeline of requirement submissions. Finally, be yourself and excel by demonstrating what makes you unique and how the school can help develop that uniqueness further with the business education you will obtain from it.

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