mba essay tipsLearning of the most useful MBA essay tips will help you in acing your application piece. As you know, there is a tight competition you will be facing, and all applicants aspire to shine in their pieces, too. So if that’s the case, you may want to look into these tips we’ve prepared for you.

MBA Application Essay Tips: Writing the Best

Rule of thumb, you should demonstrate the reasons you are the right candidate for the institution and reasons they must select you, especially with the qualities you have. Speaking of qualities, you may want to check out your target school’s official website so that you can have a clear idea of the characteristics they are looking for students, their mission and vision that are aligned with your goals and their culture and guiding principles that also happen to be matching with your personality, characteristics, and qualities.

MBA Essay Tips and Tricks

  1. Most business schools require at least two essay responses—it is how they see how well you respond to their questions and not only mentioning your achievements in the field.
  2. Print out the list of topics in your school of target, and then you have to study them carefully. For the best results, you may also want to categorize the MBA essay questions and answers —leadership questions, contribution questions or career goals questions—these are the three main themes of most admission essay questions.
  3. Study one question at a time and brainstorm the kind of story or topic you want to discuss. You should be able to discuss your ideas with yourself, your family and your friends before writing, according to experts at MBA application essay tips.
  4. Remember, your MBA essays are not about your long list of accomplishments. Being arrogant, therefore, should be avoided when writing. What the committee is looking for is your mind and soul—your ideas, passions, interests and values. They want to learn about the person behind the accomplishments, contributions and goals.
  5. Write a draft for every essay question. This is very important, according to experts at MBA admission essay tips. Therefore, you may want to start early so that you will have enough time in brainstorming and creating a theme for each essay. By having enough time, you will also have the chance to choose a central theme for a leadership essay, career goal essay, MBA goal essay or contribution essay.
  6. Get feedback from your drafts, be able to make changes and write the final copy!

What to Skip in MBA Application Essay

  • Idioms
  • Quotes
  • Phrases like needless to say…, in conclusion….in order to…nevertheless…
  • Words like quite, very, totally, actually, already, much, like, dark…
  • Clichés
  • Non-related experiences
  • Slang
  • Sounding like a freshman (teen speak)
  • Adventures (sky diving, scuba diving…)

Learning of the best ways to write your essay will help you in winning an MBA. Remember, start early and write early, too. In the process, you will have enough room to improve your essays until you reach perfection.

Follow these useful MBA essay tips today!