The MBA application letter

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Applying for acceptance into an MBA program is going to include writing an MBA application cover letter or MBA application essay. The letter will usually be limited to just a few hundred words, and many applicants overlook how important it can be. There are always more applicants for MBA programs than there are available seats, and most of them are well qualified. When only one available opening is left and there are 2 or more equally well-qualified candidates, things like your application letter are the deciding factor. It is your chance to speak directly to admissions and show them why you are a better prospect than the next applicant. It would be unwise to not take advantage of the opportunity.

What to Include in Your Application Letter for MBA Admittance

mba application letter sampleYou are free to include anything you like in your MBA application letter. However, the admissions board will be looking for the answers to some questions in your application letter, even though they may not directly say so.

Your MBA application letter should answer the following questions:

• Why are you pursuing an MBA?
• Why did you choose this particular school? What aspect of the MBA program caused you to apply at this particular school?
• What are your career goals? Specific goals are what they would like to see, and you should make a connection between being accepted into their program and how it affects your career goals.
• What are your qualifications? Here they are looking for skills and qualities that may not be reflected in a resume or transcript. Provide examples to support what you say. If you say you are a good leader, provide a specific example where you showed good leadership.

Providing answers to these questions isn’t easy in just the few hundred words you will be allowed. Look at an MBA application letter sample from a previous successful applicant to get an idea of what is expected. Looking at several samples to see what traits successful application letters have in common will be helpful. If you have any problems with your application letter consider contacting our MBA application service for help. Find also more information about NYU MBA application here.

Assistance with Application Letters

Don`t blame yourself if you are not sure whether your application letter is good or not, just search for some online writing services. Their writers are usually former tutors themselves, thus they know what should be in your application letter. Look for customer testimonials and guarantees that company provides, these are the key features to look for.