Why the MBA Application Resume Is So Important

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The resume for MBA application or MBA application essay is often underestimated by applicants to MBA programs. The general feeling seems to be that the resume they have been using will be just fine as long as it is up to date. It is viewed as a somewhat generic requirement.

However, it is more important than most people think for the following reasons:

• The resume is the only document among those you will submit, that contains all of your essential information in one place.
• The resume is usually the first document that anybody reviewing your application will look at because it does have all of your information in one place. It will be the first impression that many of those involved in admissions have of you.
• It is a good document to begin your preparations with as it does contain all your information.

When you interview for a new job, you pay special attention to clothing details that you wouldn’t normally. Think of your application resume in the same way. When people view it for the first time you want them to think, this is the resume of an individual who has got it together.

Why Can’t I Use My Usual Resume If It Is a Good One?

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The format of the MBA application resume or MBA application CV will be a little different than the one you use when applying for a job. Often, the school may request a resume in a format that is unique to them. If that is the case there will usually be an MBA application resume sample on their website to use as a guide.

 Some of the ways you may write your MBA application resume differently from your regular resume include:

• List your academic information first on your application resume. A regular resume usually lists employment information first.
• Avoid industry-specific terms and acronyms. These are fine when applying for work in a specific industry, but admissions boards may or may not understand them.
• Don’t overuse adjectives and provide statistics to back up any claims you make

If you aren’t sure how to write your MBA application resume search for some samples online.

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Help with Your MBA Application Resume

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