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The Importance of Your Resume for MBA Applications

With most readers only spending less than even half a minute you may be forgiven for thinking that maybe your resume is not that important. In fact, the amount of time that is spent scanning your resume makes it even more important that your MBA resume writing is done very carefully. You have to ensure that your resume is capable of communicating everything that the reader wants to find in that short 20 second window. If it does not then you may find yourself disappointed. The following section will provide you with some simple things that you need to do to ensure that your resume for MBA applications can make you stand out.

5 Things That You Must Do to Make Your Resume for MBA Applications Work for You

The following are the top 5 tips for ensuring that your resume for MBA application will be written in the best possible manner:

  1. Your resume format for MBA applications is as important as the content – With a limited amount of time spent reading your resume how you format it will very much control what is read:
    1. Use a minimum of 1” margins around the page
    2. Use an easy to read font such as Arial in 12pt size – never use flowery difficult to read scripts
    3. Do not use borders or other decorations, you are applying for an MBA, not art school
    4. Use white space before the start of each section to draw attention to it
  2. Show clear career progression and start with your latest position on your resume. The panel will prefer those applicants that can clearly show that they have received promotions and progressed within their areas of expertise.
  3. Show your achievements. Never list your responsibilities as these are generally obvious from the jobs that you have held. List achievements with the greatest first so these are read first. Use bulleted lists rather than long paragraphs.
  4. Quantify your achievements. Nothing speaks louder than money so if you can provide dollar improvements for your achievements or percentage increases then all the better. In general however, quantify everything about your achievements – How many people were on your team? How quickly did you achieve your goals? What savings/sales / other improvements were made?
  5. Edit your resume thoroughly – remove anything that is irrelevant or could be seen as just fluff or filler. There is no need for personal information or data that is already included in other parts of your application. Your resume should clearly concentrate on your career and your achievements.

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